Microsoft Windows 10 unveiled

The new version of Windows was expected to be unveiled by Microsoft. But wait; what’s this, they launched Windows 10. Where’s the Windows 9 then? Well there is no Windows 9. This latest version is a threshold, so it was a time for new blast, new windows with more surprising features so that it empowers people doing vulnerable things with it.



Terry Myerson: “Windows 10 will be our most comprehensive platform ever.”

He said that Windows 10 will be able to work in all devices like computers, tablets, phones and others.

“One product family. One platform. One store”

Blend of Windows 7 and Windows 8

While telling about its new features at the launch, we came to know that Window 10 is the mixture of Window 8 and Windows 7 in regard to their design and functionality respectively. So, for those who were not happy with the keyboard and mouse system of Windows 8, they’ll be happy to know that this new Windows has come up with much better touch and keyboard and mouse integration. So, if one attaches mouse to it, Start menu will be shown and if detached then Windows will be automatically shifting towards TileWorld mode on full screen.

 Welcome Start Menu

Return of the Start Menu is something everyone wanted back. It has live tiles which can be resized the way you want it to be. This isn’t all, you can also search the web from start menu, and therefore, you will be getting results without opening the browser first.


TileWorld Gone

As far as the tile world of Windows 8 is concerned, it will be there, but not covering up the complete screen. They will be popping out of start menu. Besides this, those tile apps will open on the desktop, they will be seen side by side on your desktop.

Multi Desktops

Talking about some new features, well then Microsoft has included multi-tasking feature, that is, when one commences Task View, multi desktops will be viewed, and apps can be easily moved from one desktop to other with the help of a new function Snap Assist.



Well Microsoft Windows 10 will officially be launched by the mid of 2015. However, they have launched Windows Insider Program, mainly starting with a technical preview so that people can have a better look and understanding to this Threshold.