If you’ve ever wished that your hair brush would hold your iPhone, then your dream has just become a reality. Technology and beauty is now offered in a perfect combination. Technology has finally figured out how to combine two of the most important activities on Earth. Taking pictures of ourselves and brushing our hair. It is probably the first substantial improvement in brushing technology. With the help of this technology you can save your time  just slide your phone directly into your brush and snap away the moment. You can text mid brush, there’s access to the volume buttons so you can listen to music, and the headphone port is also available.


No need to worry, as here comes the Selfie Hairbrush. The Selfie hairbrush is like a brush as well as a smartphone cover. It has both a brush and smartphone case at the same time. So you can immediately take your picture after brushing your hair without having to switch between device. The selfie brush is specially designed to help you get the most out of your smartphones. On the opposite side of the actual brush there is a mirror where you can have a look at yourself before you click a picture of yourself.


Through selfie brush you can take a group shoot with the family members, or that once the life time pose with a sweet style.


With the help of sefie brush you can receive a call  by answering it via voice command and again you can keep brushing your hair while you are talking on the phone. The Selfie Brush is coming soon for the iPhone 5 and 5s in black, pink, and violet colors, with other smartphone models being supported soon.