Yet another funniest claim by Meera. Meera claims that her daily expenditure is Rs. 100 and she does not spends more than this amount. Isn’t funny??? Rather one would say: Are you nuts? But with this claim Meera can be called as the most spendthrift actress of the country. But now the question is what made this fact revealed. According to the sources it is reported that recently Meera has been asked to show her assets by the FBR. However, instead of revealing her true assets she said that is a very ordinary citizen who does not has her own car. This sounds pretty astonishing rather she has provided yet another chance to make people laugh at her.

Stats reveal that in the year 2013 Meera paid PKR 35,000 tax which does not go with her lifestye. We have seen her wearing heavy jewellery and expensive outfits in the past which does not show that she spends PKR 100 daily 😛

In a reality show, Kon Bne Ga Meera Ka Patti which was on aired a few years back; there here mother clearly said that Meera spends an extraordinary lavished life and she wants a life partner who can bear all such expenses. According to her mother,

Meera’s one dress costs PKR 40,000

So is this again some kind of joke with us??? These people enjoy all the lavishness and we people get to pay heavy taxes throughout the year. What will you have to say on this? Please share you reviews with us.