After making a remarkable good name in the department of lawn clothing for women Mausummery had gone to venture a whole new side aka the shoes.

Now to match their amazing Eid Collection Mausummery has released a collection of shoes on this occasion starting from 21st July 2013. The collection will be available at all the Mausummery stores for public purchase. This fabulous and stunning collection has more attractive pieces as compared to the last one and has the more creativity and designs. Mausummery Eid Footwear collection 2013 is the perfect choice for ladies this Eid and us definitely love at first sight material.

The shoes in this collection are all very attractive and trendy and are beautifully styled. They are very comfortable to wear at all kinds of surfaces and give a perfect balance and comfort to the feet that give a stunning confidence and style to your gait.

The collection covers all kinds of shoes for all kinds of moods and occasions. It has high heels, sandals, chapals, platform shoes etc. the high heels are mostly very simple and plain and are very comfortable and elegant. The sandals are plain but most of them are decorated with the highlights of beads and stones which make them very appealing. The soles are very soft and comfortable and the women can wear them for as long as they intend to.

All of the shoes are painted beautifully with bright and vibrant colors such as red, white, blue, pink, purple, tallow, brown, green, orange and so many other colors that make them very attractive and appealing to the ladies who are franticly searching the malls for their perfect Eid shoes.

These shoes cover a wide range of customers and are designed for all kinds of moods and tastes. They are perfect for every occasion and can go perfectly with all kinds of clothes.

So rush to your nearest store and get yourself your favorite pair before it is all sold out.