I guess we all know who Mathira is. For those who are still unaware of the fact, let me just say, she is an infamous artist in Pakistan. She is a good deal of bold and exposing one. Not really an appreciated factor, of-course. But as soon as we got the report of her giving birth to a baby boy we rushed out of our beds to report & cover the whole story.

mathira baby child

Gender of the Child:

It is reported to be a Baby Boy.

Who is the Father?

Now this is the question which like 99% of people are asking from here and there. If you don’t know about his father let us jump back few months back when Mathira did tell us about that.

Secret marriage of Mathira!

Mathira claimed to be married for more than one year but didn’t tell anyone, now you and I both know there are multiple reasons for not disclosing it, here is what she said in an interview to Dawn.

I am a very private person. Controversies break things. People shatter things. I keep family very safe and close. I’ve been broken, don’t want to break again. Just being careful.

But she actually never told us about the name of her husband, why would that be? Are they really married?

Sahi waqt par shakal bhi dikha doon gi. I met him by accident. And then I kept meeting him. He always supports me. Nice boy. Chalak nahi hai. Samajhta hai asli Mathira ko

That’s strange. Now what I would say is either he is over-clever or he is dumb to marry her. But she already knew what kind of controversies will take breath now, so, she went on and told us

Shadi kar li gunah nahi kiya. When we are ready we will come and face the camera. I will not allow anyone to comment on my personal life.

Let’s wish her a happy married life and bow she is a mother, let’s hope she stops revealing herself. I can’t resist but to tell her

Ae binte tehzeeb apne khadokhaal ko dhaamp

Mjhse daikha nahi jata tera yun’ uryan’ hona

Mathira Gave Birth to a Baby Boy ; Another Photo: