Since the birth of mankind, beauty is the main focus of every woman. Females appreciate beauty and want to make themselves beautiful as well. Primarily makeup is used to look presentable and then the jewelry acts as the cherry on the top. Trendy jewelry including earrings, bracelets, lockets, rings etc. is in fashion these days and women of every age group are crazy after them. As the occasion of Eid is coming, so for sure, women and girls must be running after the jewelers along with the tailors to get their things ready by time. To lessen the running time of women, Mariam Sikander (jewelry designer) has launched her jewelry collection for Eid 2013. Let’s have a brief look on the collection.


Mariam Sikander Eid Jewelry Collection 2013:

An entirely new collection of earrings, rings and necklaces is presented by this talented newcomer on Eid 2013. She has designed all the items in accordance with the summer season. The color schemes implemented are rather softer and lighter giving a more glamorous look. Stones and beads are used in excess having shades of different colors. A variety of jewelry items for casual and formal dresses are available. You can choose according to your Eid dress. Accessories are installed with amazing and unique cuts which shows the designer’s talent and hard work. You just need to visit her once and then would never regret after buying the jewelry full of excellence.


About Mariam Sikander:

Mariam Sikander is a new name in the industry of designing.  She started her career as a jewelry designer in 2012. She took only one year to make her name and with her magical talent she has launched numerous accessories within no time. She makes jewelry for casual, formal, wedding and bridal wears. Her fine designing gives simply an “Out of the World Look” to the wearer.


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