Luscious is one of the top fashion brands of Pakistan. Despite of the fact that Luscious is only 5 years old, it’s products are very unique and original other than the regular products available in the market. All the products of Luscious are skin friendly and easy to apply. It is indeed the most trendy brand in Pakistan who loves to experiment on new concepts. Recently, Luscious launched it’s new eye shades and nail paints collection. The whole collection is so lively and sparkly, you are going to love all of it.

Glamorous Nail Paints

Luscious is introducing very stylish and vibrant nail paints that can make your hands glow. Nail paints make you look very trendy and fun so, it is important that they should be bright and shiny. Luscious is offering matte nail paints in which all the bright and light colors are available for casual dresses and regular routine. all the cool colors are included in this collection.

For formal wears and parties, Luscious is offering very sparkly and glossy nail paints that can make you look ravishing with anything you wear. All the dark and hot colors are available in this collection.

Amazing Eye Shades

Luscious is offering exclusive eye shades boxes for different nature of make ups. Light colors, smoky colors, bright colors and cool colors are in different kits. If you are into light tone make up then buy the one that offers light colors and if your are into all bright colors then buy the one with blue, orange, green colors. If you love smoky and hot make up then you should go for the box offering all dark and shiny colors.

Luscious is launching new interesting eye shades trio collection in which each eye shade box has 3 colors. So, instead of spending a lot of money on a lot of colors you can buy the combination of colors you want. It is offering a lot colors covering all tones of make up.


All this collection is available in Luscious stores. More more information visit the Official Facebook Page.