Summer is at peak these days and only way to protect yourself from the hot blazing sun is to wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the sun and also make you look more cool. Sunglasses are a must for men because they mostly spend their time outdoors. When it comes to shades, zillions of options come forward and make it more difficult what to choose. You should select your shades very carefully according to your face and hair style because they should look good on your face. I have made a list of some trendy sunglasses for you. Try them on and select the one which suits you best.

Plastic Wayfarers

Plastic Wayfarers are so in fashion these days. They are totally classy and cool. No matter how messy you look if you wear them you will look cool. That is the best thing about Wayfarers they make everyone look trendy. If you are into classy and simple shades then go for black or brown Wayfarers.

Colored Wayfarers

If you are more of a funky type then you can try colored Wayfarers. Wayfarers are available in all colors so pick the one you like.

Camouflage Wayfarers

If you like to experiment on your looks then you should totally try these Wayfarers. They are different and classic than other Wayfarers available in the market. They will give you a hot look especially with khakis they are a perfect match.

Ray-ban Aviators

Ray-ban Aviators are in fashion this summer. If you want a hot and stylish look then you should definitely buy one pair of Ray-ban Aviators. The black and brown Aviators are for people who are into classy colors.


Colored Aviators

They are also available in different colors you can try anyone you like. Colored Aviators are also in these days especially the cool summer colors.

Metal Frame Aviators

The Metal Frame Aviators are also in fashion these days. Metal frame with light and cool colors looks simply magnificent.

Round Aviators

The Round Aviators also look very fashionable. They are available in simple, colored and tortoise shell frame. They are not very common so you will look cool for sure if you are wearing a pair of these shades.