E-commerce has come a long way in the last 15 years. As technology continues at a rapid pace, pioneering ecommerce stores harness new techniques and facilities to make online selling and online shopping a lot more efficient and fun. There is an industry steadily and deliberately growing around the idea of supporting and providing services to enable small scale and medium scale businesses to thrive. One of the innovative and supportive roles provided for online shops, particularly those hanging in on Facebook, is Kick Storo.

Kick Storo

Kick Storo

Kick Storo opens up Facebook as a proper Sales Channel for your brand. Install Kick Storo on your Facebook page and convert “LIKES” into “SALES”. Kick Storo is a service that assists businesses in building up a shop operated through a Facebook page, co-founded by Azm Dar (@azmdar) and Mujtaba Shuja (@mujtabashuja), and was launched under its current moniker in 2013. More precisely, it “helps brands and young entrepreneurs to create their complete stores within Facebook and accept PayPal payments from fans on social media. Your fans can now buy your products/services either by surfing through Facebook Page photos or through your page update in their news feed.”

Kick Storo precludes the need for creating a separate website, since business owners can now sell their products straight from their Facebook pages.
Originally having the name Rocxial, the co-founders explained: “Over the course of a year, we changed the name of our app THRICE. The second name we came up with was Rocxial, which we then used for our Social Media Agency that I and Mujtaba started alongside Kick Storo so that we can earn some money to sustain operations.”

How It Works

The service once availed will guide its users through a comprehensive process detailing the best way to sell on Facebook. On their website, they outline steps to explain how this process gets underway.

Easiest Way for businesses to Sell on Facebook - Kickstoro in Pakistan

The service is provided free of cost for now, and is something that new and emerging startups in particular should be signing up for. Kick Storo offers the option of creating a Facebook shop, and various promotion services for these shops. There are some extra services that can be purchased as well, for more advanced users.

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