Fashion industry is growing and is progressing by leaps and bounds. The progress of this industry can be vividly seen in Pakistan as well. A large number of design brands now exist in Pakistan. But let me tell you, the pioneer of all these designing brands is Kayseria. So here, we all owe a big deal to Kayseria’s magnanimous efforts they have been doing and setting trends. Kayseria has prepared a special treat for all the fashion lovers this year. They have launched Kayseria Pret Collection 2013 with a lot of amazing stuff. Let’s have a look.

Lines of Pret Collection:

The Kayseria Pret Collection is divided into three lines broadly. The three lines are named as Kontemporary, Virsa and Riwayat. Each line has different features described below.


This line contains a collection of trendy and traditional outfits. This line has been manufactured keeping in view the mental states of women of every age. Cotton and chiffon fabrics are majorly used with prints on them. As neon colors are in trend so neon and fluorescent colors are also used. The outfits are made trendy by the paintings of Box Barcade and Bridget Riley elements. For young girls, latest cuts are implemented in the dresses.


As the name indicates, Virsa line has a variety of outfits embellished with truck art and Pakistani culture. It is meant to give a folk touch to your wardrobe.


To keep the Mughal art and tradition alive, Riwayat line has launched elegant outfits all reviving the older traditions. Mainly, flowy fabrics are used with prints and embroidery. A very sophisticated look is portrayed through these dresses.

Launch of Kayseria Pret 2013:

The event for the launching purpose was conducted at Café Olivetto, an Italian restaurant.

Designers and models were present at the launch party. All of them were wearing Pret’s collection. A showcase was held after Iftar showing the collection in detail.

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