Would you like to have a handset with large beautiful screen, fast processor, sharp camera and long battery time!!!!! Definitely your answer will be yes!!! You are lucky because now Apple’s iPhone 6 is finally here with amazing features like large captivating screen, high resolutions camera, faster 68 bit processor and also super thin design.


Features of iPhone 6

Following I have listed various specs and features that users will find in iPhone 6. Let’s have a look at them.

Large Screen

What a user wants in iPhone screen? Apple is aware of this question and that’s why iPhone 6 is designed in such a way that all the user’s requirements could be fulfilled. The small iPhone 6 has 4.7 inches screen having a 1334*750 resolution. In simple words you can say every inch compromises 366 pixels. Not only this iPhone 6 Plus is also available which has 5.5 inches screen and resolution of 1920*1080.


I want a processor which has high graphic performance and fast speed.

Yes, this is the need of almost all users no one wants a slow and lazy processor. Apple’s iPhone 6 is now going to accomplish your need because it is powered by 64 bit A8 processor which is 25% faster than A7 processor. You think it’s not enough for your apps? You need not to worry because Apple also added updated M8 motion co-processor which is highly compatible for apps. M8 also has a barometer to measure your distance. If you are an athlete then M8 processor is your sincere friend because it can tell the difference between cycling, running and other activities to better gauge your performance. iphone6

Long Batter Time

Apple says that the iPhone 6 can last up to 14 hours 3G talk time while the iPhone 6 plus can last up to 24 hours talk time. The iPhone 6 supports 20 LTE bands and supports VoLTE and both will run on iOS 8.

Super Camera

 “I wish the result of my camera would like a real image”. But what is real image?? yeah Apple’s super camera knows it actually the real image is that image which is capture by the compression and relaxation of  lens just like our eye lense. iPhone 6 has optical image optimization. Both of the iPhone cameras can record videos 1080p or 30 fps but Slo-Mo mode is also available which can record videos at 240 fps. The A8 sensor is also present with amazing features like it can detect smile and blinks, can detect better faces too.


Apple has also introduced the Apple pay mobile wallet through which you can pay your payment. Smaller iPhone 6’s price is start from $200 and iPhone 6 Plus costs $300. The both iPhones will be available in market from 19 September.