Even GEO NEWS was impartial enough in announcing the un-official results of Elections 2013 in Pakistan, still Imran Khan’s Official Facebook page has started a campaign against GEO.


What people are saying?

To all those who think PTI and its voters are losing/have lost, its you who didn’t win. You being Pakistan. Brace yourself for 5 more years of torture but I guess that’s needed. Our ever so stubborn nation needs to be punished one more time to be able┬áto open their eyes.
As for those of you who woke up and went and voted for justice, pat yourselves on the back and do not lose hope. What Imran Khan has achieved with these elections nobody could even dream of, he brought us together, he has given is the courage to fight for ourselves. That is the true Naya Pakistan. Naya Pakistan step 1 is completed, step 2 is just a few years of corruption away.
Remember, all good things to those who wait. Jahaan itna wait kiya, thoda aur sahi. May Allah help us, guide us and keep this courage alive.

Long live PTI, long live Pakistan.