Effect of Music on Youth

Considering the present era, the basic necessities of life are not just food, shelter and clothes but music too somewhat conserveĀ its place into it. Hardly a day passes by , when we keep our ears deprived of the basic necessity; music that is. It wakes us up in morning, we sleep with those tunes waving in our ears, soothing us when we feel down and depressed. From infancy to adulthood music play an important part on our lives. Its a vital socialization tool, and its frequency has escalated over the last 3 to 4 decades like a snowball. Being such a staple among youth, which is shaping their life and perception towards the wrong conception of right or wrong, it looks like each teenager has his/her own soundtrack which they could relate themselves with. The question is are they just innocently listening to their favorite music or is it, infact influencing their behaviour?
Well, everything has a positive and negative side to it. In this particular article we are focusing the negative impact of music in effecting the behavior of our youth.

Effect of Music

Music and its types

There are many forms of music: Classical, RnB, Rock, Hip-hop, Country, Rap, Indie, Pop, Hardcore and whole lot of others plus their sub-types. Rap and Rock, more specifically are the most influential genres comparatively to others, as they can either send out positive message and help kids or can invite chaos into their lives by showing their extreme sides. Children who listen to heavy-metal music or hardcore music has a greater probability of possible substance abuse and other risky behaviors that are violent in nature. Children are most vulnerable and naive during their puberty or adolescence and this usually is the time when music consume most of their time.

Effect of Music

The impact of visuals and lyrical content in music videos is another threat to the psyche of children. Even if the child has not the understanding of it, he still tries to imitate what they do and repeat after what they say. As we know rap music can represent extremely explicit language which often is rated-R or illegal for children under 18 but due to the easy access of internet and television, parents too cannot always keep a check on their children which in consequence let your child do the suggestive moves which they see and perceive as fun not knowing the real idea behind it and learn the lyrics which sound so cool to the ears without confirming what they mean.

Effect of Music

Music with all its glamour and abusive risky business which is susceptible to its allure attract the youth, shape their psyche and mold their behavior. The conclusion is, music usually does not directly become a cause of violence or encourage the audience towards it by suggestive visuals and lyrics but it somehow effect us. Performers should try to be a positive role models and stay as is so that the circumstances they are complaining about through their lyrics must not become a mode of life for other children.

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