Now this is seriously the height of everything I tell you. It’s been many days that we are all witnessing the bloodshed that is being done in Palestine. We as Muslims are trying to to voice this grave issue which is totally against humanity. The innocent are being killed without any reason and their only fault is that they are Muslims and residents of Palestine. It is a responsibility on every Muslim to stand up for his fellow brothers and sisters.


And if by chance you are some celebrity or some public figure then this responsibility becomes double as you carry a huge fan following and one gesture of yours can make a huge difference. Such was a step which was taken by the young and enthusiastic cricketer from the English team, Moeen Ali who wore a wrist band to support the Palestine cause during the test match between England and India yesterday. But unfortunately, the team management didn’t allowed him to wear it on the field. The band which he wore said “Save Gaza” “Free Palestine”. According to the English team officials, they said that Moeen Ali has complete right to express his support for the cause but not in the field. He can do it on his own.

This is a pure biased attitude which reflects clearly that the government of England has some soft corner for Israel or may be some vested interests. It has been seen in the past that cricketers wear such accessories to support some noble cause, be it in the form of bands or some printings on their shirts. But what happened this time? Moeen Ali didn’t do anything against the law. Share your comments with us!