Human Resource Management is one of the most important department within organization, Human Resource Management department directly deals with the employees of an organization and its upper managers. Human Resource Management’s main focus is on recruitment and selection of employees for organization, its major fiction is hiring new person then provide proper work plan to the employees who work with the specified department or in the organization. Human Resource Management have right to select suitable person for specified job and plan its salary, incentive, compensation, training and many other things which require for this particular person or its job description.


Human Resource Management department maintain proper plan about leaves and salaries, has direct relationship with employees and managers and top management within the organization. It has many different type of functions but its major focuses on the recruitment and selection, training and development , performance management, and different type of law which implement within the organization specially the labour laws .

Following discuss HRM some major functions one by one:

Recruitment and Selection:

It’s an important department within HRM. This department has the duty to hire new employees through proper channel. First of all they advertise about the vacancy and give its proper job description to the general public, then they collect the CVs and select those which match with job description, then conduct interviews. After that they select a suitable and reasonable person, discuss all their duties and salary package and all other incentives and rules and regulations. Then provide him proper work plan and any other training which is required for this job.

Performance Management:

 This department works out on the work behavior of employees with their duties, tasks, goals etc. An employee complete the task effectively and efficiently and then he is provided with incentive, and different benefits according to his work. If anyone has any deficiency they find out the problem and solves it through proper channel.

Training and Development:

It’s another department which arrange different types of training according to the organization requirement. All these training are helpful for business development etc.

Implementation of Laws:

Human Resource Management department implements all type of laws which are compulsory for business, like corporate law, business laws, and labour laws.