In this article How to do Gold Eye Makeup? will be discussed. Eye portion in makeup is very important. How can eye features be enhanced, only an expert makeup artist knows. It is said that ” The Artist always has the masters in his eyes.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). It is God gifted to have beautiful eyes. What eye shadow you are going to carry its really matters. Golden eye shadow is a bold one. How can it will be carried by milky face as well as by dark color face, its tricky. Gold shade can be applied in different shades like light gold, bronze and it can be the combination of different colors. The gold eye makeup can be applied both at the day time and at evening. The only thing is to remember that at day time the gold eye shade should be light.

Before applying makeup on your face, clean your face properly, apply moisturizer and then apply equalizer. Do it properly to give your face an equal look. Then come to the eye makeup. Firstly, Apply the eye shadow base. Beginning with the inner eyelid and doing outwards, use a medium size eye brush and a bronze gold shade to bend through the eyelid, staying below the wrinkle of the eye and and select the color to the vertical line halfway through the eyelid. Taking a medium eyeshadow brush and a bronze shade, and apply from the outer eye inward, select the color across the eyelid to match the gold shade in the mid and up to the crease of the eye. At the end apply eyeliner and mascara to upper and lower lashes.

The school and college going girls should carry the simple gold eye look. Apply simple gold liner gently , layered with thick black  winged liner on the top lash line. This gold touch give you a descent look. Even you can wear it during the day.

These are some ways of applying Gold Eye makeup. Hope you will try this Gold eye makeup in your home.