Eye makeup is always a prominent part of make over. The perfect eye makeup is really an art. There are different styles of eye make. The ever most fashionable among all is cat eyes makeup. It looks really flattering and mysterious as compared to other eye makeup styles. The cat eye make up is an all time favorite make up look. It is yet fresh and the fastest way to look you best.


For cat eye makeup 3 basic things are required.

  1. Pan Cake Liquid Liner
  2. An Angel brush
  3. A pointed Eye Pencil

Here are 6 easy step to apply cat eyes makeup.

1). Applying an eye shadow:

First apply an eye shadow slightly lighter than your skin tone. Apply it gently on your whole eye lid with brush.

2). Applying a high lighter:

Then gently apply a high lighter on the eye lid.

 3). Drawing Eye Pencil along the lash line:

Start at the middle of your eye, draw a line with eye pencil just along with your lash line. This line depends on the width of your liner what you like. Drawing a straight line along with lashes is not really easy. It needs practice.

 4). Drawing the outer core of line with Eye Pencil:

After drawing a final line along with lash line, draw a line back to your upper lash line. This will create an empty triangle at the end of your upper eye lid. To make your liner thick you can increase the width of your triangle. But for a beautiful look draw a suitable triangle i.e not too big not too small.

5). Filling the triangle:

Gently fill the triangle over the upper lid of eye with angel brush. Do not apply too much thick coat of liquid liner as it will spread outside the triangle. Very smoothly fills the space to look good.

6). Apply dark mascara:

Apply mascara on upper and lower lashes. Finish off this look with 3-4 coats of thickening dark black mascara.

So, here is your beautiful cat eye make up ready.