Makeup is a world of colors. The pretty colors applied to face to make you beautiful is make up. There are different categories in makeup including American makeup, British make up, Canadian makeup, Indian make up, Asian makeup etc. Asian make up is ever fashionable among all. It is referred to as the most traditional makeup world wide. The Asian women are very much conscious about their looks. The most artistic in Asian makeup is eye makeup.

Asian eye make up tricks are most important as you might not do a lot with your eyelids. Here we discuss some tricks to do Asian eye makeup which would b definitely help you to look pretty more.

 Step 1:

Apply gently foundation lighter than your skin color all over the whole eyelid.

Step 2:

Apply a suitable dark  color eye shadow matching with your dress on the upper eyelid starting form the inner corner of the eyes. Blend it smoothly from the corners of the eye. Cover one third part of the lid with dark eye shadow.

Step 3:

Use a lighter eye shadow on the remaining eye lid along the eye line of the upper eye lid.

 Step 4:

Apply suitable eye shadow matching both colors you apply before. Blend it gently on the eye lid starting from outer corner of the eye lid. Apply dark shade at ends of lash line. This will add more finest look in the final shade.

Step 5:

Apply liquid eyeliner on the upper side of lash line of eyes with angel shaped brush. For fine look apply 3-4 coats for thickness and dark color.

Step 6:

Use mascara for bright and finest look of eyes. This will add more beauty in eye makeup.

Here is the final and finest look of Asian eye make up.

Hope you will enjoy this new look of trendy eye makeup. Eye makeup needs practice. The more you practice more it will improve. The best thing about this makeup is you can use it in any function whether its a day or a night function.
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