We people are living in 21st century: the century of fashion and trend. So everyone is in race of looking more beautiful and pretty. Outfits, shoes and accessories are worn by ladies to look stylish but key part of their personality is make up. Good make up adds grace to personalities of ladies and give her skin and face nice look. But gist of topic is concerned with “How to Apply Make Up During Winter” as winter season is approaching so comparatively dark shades are “in” in fashion. Winter make is slightly different for summer make up so here we have a look on winter make up.

1-Apply Liquid Base

Apply liquid base on your face that covers all blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles on your face. And then cover up it with good face powder that matches with your skin tone perfectly.

2-Work with Your Eye Brows

Color your Eye brows with eye brow pencil or eye brow brush and color must be lighter than natural color of your eye brows.

3-Apply Eye Shadow Carefully

Use pale white or eye shadow that matches your skin tone as a base on eyelids. Then take golden brown eye shadow and apply on upper rim of eye lid. Then to fill inner rim go for any darker shade that looks best with your outfit.


4-Apply Eye Liner on your Lashes

Take white eye-liner pencil and first apply it on lower eye lash and then on upper eyelid. For natural look slightly blend your eye liner with eye make up.

5-Apply Black Mascara

To give your eye final touch, apply black color mascara to your lashes. But for parties you can go for false eye lashes.

6- Apply Blush on your Cheeks

Apply light pink or light brown blush on your cheeks to highlight your cheek bone.

7- Apply Lipstick

Finally apply lipstick of natural pink color or any other shade like matte, coffee or brown during winter and to give or lips shiny effect apply cherry flavor gloss on your lips that will give good smell.

In short above steps will surely help ladies while doing make-up in winter season and ladies will look more pretty and gorgeous after following above make-up tips.