As you all know, everyone wants to look pretty. Nails are also an important part of your body, giving a good or bad look to your hands. You can groom your nails by any kind of nail art to give a perfect look to your nails and beautify your hands. It will give your hands more elegant look.

Nail Art is actually an art or any creative activity to be applied on nails by design or picture or by applying two shades of nail color at the same time or decorating your nails by any way.

pink french

There are a number of professional manicures available in different beauty salons. These beauty salons are offering their services at high cost. You can also manage to design and beatify your nails at home within less time and at a very low cost. Then why to go for a professional manicure?

French Manicure is very easy and requires little effort to do it.

Steps to Apply French Manicure:

Few simple steps to apply French manicure at home even at low time availability are:

1. Apply scrub:

First of all, apply scrub on your hands; rinse (massage) it to remove dust particles.

2. Wash your hands:

Wash your hands properly with water using soap or any face wash.

3. Remove Nail Color:

If you have applied any nail colour previously, remove it with a nail polish remover using a piece of cotton or soft cloth.

4. Filing nails:

File your nails to give them a shape which you want to apply on your nails. You can give them a square, round or any shape you like. It will avoid nail colour from being cracked or flaked.

filing nails

5. Buffing nails:

Buff your nails with a nail buffer from top and sides of nails slightly to give them smooth and perfect look.

6. Dip your hands in warm water:

Take a bowl big enough to dip your hands in it, containing warm water. Dip your hands in water for some time. Also add some soap or shampoo in water. It will soften your cuticles. Cuticle is necessary to protect your nails so do not cut them down. Dry up your hands carefully.

dip in water

7. Push back cuticle:

By using cuticle stick, push back cuticle gently.

8. Moisturize your hands:

Take any moisturizing cream or lotion on your palm and apply it on your hands and nails gently to soften them. Leave them for 10 minutes.

9. Use Base coat:

Apply base coat on your nails. This base coat will provide your nails with an extra protection.

apply base coat

10. Apply white nail color:

Now apply white nail colour on tips of your nails (outer white edges of nail). Sticky strips are also available in the market if you are hesitant to apply directly without these strips. Let it to dry.

white tips

11. Beige Polish:

Step ahead by applying beige polish or any light pink nail colour on full nail. You can avoid this step if you do not like it.

12. Top coat:

At the end apply top coat (transparent nail polish) on nails. It will increase the lifespan of your manicure and will protect your nails.

french manicure

How did you find it? Do not hesitate to apply it. Go for it without wasting even a single second.