In this article of today we are going to talk about How to Apply Foundation? Foundation is a necessary element for girls and women for making base before doing make-up. It covers the tiny and light spots on our face which may not look good. The selection of foundation for your skin should be done very wisely, because if the selection is not done properly then some dark complexion may reveal or may your look very heavy which gives you an unnatural and artificial. Another important thing is that when you try some foundation for your face you must check it out on your jawline and not on your hands.

First of all you should have an idea of your skin tone and type because these come in different variety like moisture foundation, powder foundation, mineral foundation, sheer foundation, cake powder etc. It is better to use any moisturizer before applying foundation on face, because it moisturizes the skin and foundation rest on your face well. When we apply foundation on face it is important to cover the dark area of the eye, spots of pimple, etc. The moisturizer base or oil base is mostly used by women who need to hide fine lines and wrinkles. Now we will show you some steps of applying foundation. Try them and share your opinion about this experiment.

How to Apply Foundation?

1. Select the Right Color:

First of all you need to select the right color which match with your skin tone. It should look perfect and natural with your face color.

2. Prepare your Skin:

While using directly foundation on your face you must apply some moisturizer on your face which help to maintain the skin in one tone and not show spots or patches etc.

3. Proper Blending:

You must blend the moisturizer with foundation smoothly and softly. This blending should be done with gentle hands.

4. Cover the Dark Area:

You must take measures to hide the dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and for it you may put powder on that area to cover and match the face.

5. According to the Events:

You should do your make-up with the knowledge of the party, events like it is on day, after-noon, night etc. It is most important because day make-up is light, night make-up is bright and fair in color to look gorgeous.