Music is the soul of our teens. Its effects on teens in a different ways some like good or some may be bad. There are many types of music out their like pop, rap, rock, country, alternative and some of the different types in the world. Music gives us good or bad messages that effect on peoples act. Friends have similar taste in music but most of the people have different taste because of their own choice and they will argue about what they think is better.

Different Kinds of Music

Rap and pop are most popular music in teens. They both give different messages and fascinate to the kids. The lyrics of songs or rapped by the artist can be things which is relate to their own personal lives and people who cross of this situations, usually likes this kind of music and feel their lyrics by heart. When people listen to the new music they learn so many things which is help to move in the world and they become brood minded.

Rap music has a very big impact on the world. It’s that kind of a s music where teens involved in the bad things like drugs etc so most of the parents don’t want their kids to listen that kind of songs. Most of the music videos are belong to these topics. But on the other hand mostly people can use music to express themselves, they can express in their behavior or art. Its help to express their feelings by heart n touch to the soul as well. Groups of people can come from the different worlds and attend some concerts, shows etc jest to love and concern to the music.

Music is a kind of love and also expresses the term of love through their lyrics. Usually teens called the symbol of love. It’s also a big part of my life and takes me in the fantasy world.