Mostly Men think that to earn is the only duty of them and having a healthy meal is only their business. And they only mind their own business. Their only duty is to earn for their family. Especially in countries like Pakistan Men have the same problem as discussed earlier. And mostly men do their job as a laborer. They have not enough time to give even few minutes to themselves. In this rush hour of life Men do not take care of their skin especially of their face. They have more oily skin then women have. So this article is about the Home made face masks for men. Following are some of the Best Homemade Face masks for men which are simple and easy to make.

Deep Nourishing Lemon Pack

Lemon is best for all skin type and it has oil control and skin brightening properties. So, How to make and use it:

Take a teaspoon of honey in a tablespoon of lemon juice. Add 4-5 drops of Olive oil and mix it in form of paste. Before applying this masks wash your face with plain water. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, and let the masks work on your face. Wipe out your face with the help of sponge and wash it away later.

  mask for men

Yogurt Face Mask:

Yogurt is very useful for big pores on your skin. Don’t worry because this mask helps your pores to get tightened by its usual cleansing properties. How to use it:

You can take yogurt of your desire and apply it directly or use it with the orange juice or pulp along with the one teaspoon of aloe. To get refreshing skin leave this mask for 10 minutes before wiping it out.    yogurt

Oatmeal Face Pack:

Cereals have the capacity to absorb the excess of oil from the skin pores. It is sticky but works effective. How to use it:

Blending the oatmeal in a mixture. Later add some boiling water to make it a paste. Leave it for few minutes. After it, add one tablespoon of honey, yogurt and one egg white into the paste and mix it gently. Apply the thin layer of this paste and leave it for 10-15 minutes before wiping up with warm water.

These are some Homemade masks for Men. Hope this article will help you in protecting  your skin and make your skin smooth and shiny. 🙂