Women Hijab Styles 2014

The popularity of wearing scarves is increasing day by day in Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Few years back this trend was pretty common in the Middle East but today it’s a part of clothing of many Asian women. Scarves look stylish on young girls as well as on women. Today, Hijab fashion is a complete industry and many beautiful variations are seen in this trend. A complete range of unique Hijab styles full of colors & embroidery are displayed in this collection of Women Hijab Styles 2014.

Today, new head scarves and hijab designs are available in the market which can complete the look of women. Women wear it around the neck, or near the head for affection, hygiene, fashion and religious cause.  Scarves are presented in market in different variety of colors and styles.

With every passing year, designers are introducing three or more new ideas to carry Hijab in their daily routine.  According to the modern designs, printed and embroidered scarves can easily be matched with our dress, handbags and shoes. On the other hand, most of the hijab and scarves are decorated with the eye catching prints. The most common prints are the animal prints, flower-patterned prints and conceptual art. In addition, hijab and scarves can also be decorated with beads and pearls. Hijabs are much admired in Muslim countries of the world as it is obligatory for Muslim women to cover their head and hair. Therefore, they use hijab and scarves as their identities when they go out of their homes. There are many hijab and scarves stores and shops in the Muslim countries which are serving Muslim women to buy their need. So following are some of the latest and amazing Hijab styles for the year 2014.

scarves designs

hijab design

scarves design

mufflers collection

mufflers collection

scarves collection

hijab collection

scarf collection

scarves design          

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