Every country in the world has its own culture, religion, life style, eating habits and dress values which depend on many factors. Muslim women around the world follow the Islamic requirements of modest dressing in many styles and types, which includes body covering loose gowns, headscarves, face veils, stoles and dupattas. Among these the most common and most popular is the Hijab (or headscarf). Hijab is a very important part of dressing item for a Muslim woman and its concept finds its roots in Islam.

Hijab is a gift for women by Allah Almighty. As mentioned in the Quran:

Oh Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw over them their jilbaabs (cloaks). That in the least so that they be recognized and not be molested. (Surah Ahzaab)


Hijab is like a protection for women from all kinds of evil. Hijab wearing women not only look decent, but smart and pretty also. It increases the beauty of a woman in a decent way. It covers the woman’s head in a proper way in many different styles.

In these days Hijab is not only a symbol of Islam, but it has also emerged as a fashion among girls and women. These women follow the new and latest trends of Hijab which are present in their society. Every year different brands launch different styles and designs all over the world. Everyone knows that fashion trends and styles change with time, so now designers specially design Hijab according to different occasions like wedding, party, casual, summer, and winter.


Summer Collection

In summers the weather is too hot and that’s why designers especially design light colored Hijabs in different styles. The fabric used is usually Cotton due to its softness and comfort of wearing. Lawn fabric (finely woven, lightweight cotton) is used because air can pass through and avoids a suffocating feeling. Every country has its own style of wearing Hijab, and uses the fabric which is suitable according to its climate.

Winter Collection

In winters mostly dark colors like red, golden, brown and black are used, and special fabric is used which can protect them from cold. Jersey & wool are also used depending upon the climate. For formal occasions or even daily wear, silks & chiffons are comfortable to wear in pleasant and slightly cold weather.



Hijab tutorial

Hijab wearing style is different in different countries but some styles are common all over the Muslim world, and some are more suitable for different occasions like parties, weddings, casual wear, work place, student life etc.


Popularity of the Hijab is increasing day by day all over the world because women feel safe in it, and now it’s a part of the Muslim fashion. Another reason is that Hijab is very affordable for everyone and its making and designing is very easy for everyone. One thing which is most important is that women look graceful and beautiful in Hijab.