Beautiful thick strong hairs are dream of every girl. Ladies love to have thick luscious hairs because long and healthy hairs are sign of beauty. But to keep long healthy soft hairs, proper care, time, healthy nutrition and good quality shampoo is required. Leaving any one of above will results brittle hairs, hair damage, split ends and ultimately hair fall.

So some healthy tips for thick long silky hairs with natural shine are discussed here in this article


Increase Intake of Protein in your Diet.

Protein built your hairs strong so increase intake of protein in your die for smooth strong hairs. Protein is present in eggs, red meat and chicken so add these items to your diet for healthy hairs.

Increase Intake of Healthy Diet.

For healthy hears nutritious and healthy food is always recommended. Food enriched in vitamins, iron, zinc and minerals like vegetables, fish and fruits must be part of our regular diet for healthy hair growth.

Drink Plenty of Water.

Water intake should be adequate for healthy thick hairs. Dehydration causes splitting and hair breaking and hairs will not gain length.

Trim Your Hairs Once Every Three Months.

As our hairs get longer thickness and texture changes they start getting weak so it is necessary to trim hair. Trimming will prevent dead

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ends from damaging length and health of hairs and make your hairs free from brittle ends.

Massage Your Scalp With Oil.

Oiling is necessary for smooth, soft and healthy hairs. So massage your scalp with oil once every week to prevent brittle ends and dry hairs. Massaging increase blood circulation around our hairs and provide our hairs with increase nutrients

Comb Your Hairs Daily.

Properly Comb your hair daily as combing increase blood circulation necessary for our hairs. Proper method of combing hair is to start at ends and brush up instead of brushing vigorously.

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In short above recommendations not only make our hairs strong and straight but also help them to grow rapidly with natural shine and thickness with reduce hair fall and hair

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