Bangs are back in fashion. Whether you have short or long hair with curly or straight look, stylish fringe cut will suit you. The sleek bangs are admirable for every face shape. It looks sexy and gorgeous. Bang is a shape cut of the front part of the hair as its little fringes lies on the forehead. A beautifully cut fringe is straight above the eyebrows, but can also be spiked shaped up with hair gel, can be swept on one side of the face or cut long to fall over the eyes. Bangs can be styled in any hairstyle. Girls can make their look more elegant and sophisticated. Whether bold  or soft and wispy, perfectly styled bangs can give a regular unique look in the whole personality.

Bangs come in countless flattering styles. The amazing thing about this hairstyle is changing your lookWhen you incorporate with straight bang style do trim your hair on routine as it will never loose their glossy look and will add an attractive look in your personality. Check how classy and healthy look in this style below.

There are many other hairstyles with bangs .

Blunt Bangs:

Hairstyle cut straight across the forehead in the blunt manner.

Side Swept Bangs:

Hair is cut longer than a normal fringe and swept across one side of the face.

Pin Up Bangs:

Hairs are cut in a short “U” shaped manner .

Parted Bangs:

Hair parted down the middle or off center slightly.

Choppy Aka Bangs:

Hair cut uneven and choppy finish like a feathered look.

Brow Skimming Bangs:

Hair that hits below the brow and can look “heavy” or “light” on the face.

 Wispy Bangs:

Hair that “sprinkles” over the forehead lightly.

Short Or Baby Bangs Style:

Hair which is usually cut above the brows, it is normally bluntly cut across the middle of the forehead and can be shorter.

Shaved Bangs:

The hair at the front  is shaved off. It can also be used to undercut fringes or bangs.