H & Z Khussa Collection has once again launched enticing khussa collection in 2013 that have won the hearts of the khussa lovers and patrons.  H &Z khussas footware collection is designed by two gorgeous ladies Hina Fatima and Zara Fatima specially for women. Recently these respected ladies have introduced marvelous khussas with fabulous designs, beautiful color  schemes and attractive blend of  dark colours with merging shades for  the occasion of Eid which appeals the users to purchase stylish khussas. This khussa collection is one of the marvelous collection that grab attention of the khussa lovers. H & Z  khussas collection comprises of comfortable khussas with decent looks and graceful style.

For Marriages

The owners have taken a keen interest while designing khussas. The gold and silver are deliberately inserted in the form of elegant ornaments and graceful nuggets. Colorful and gorgeous pearls have also been added to increase the actual grace of such footwear. Besides that the various styles can be designed according to the choice and interest of users. They can pre-order their required design and H&Z collection will sort out their problem

For Casual Functions

The khussas are not only designed for marriages and functions but they are also made for the casual functions that include tea parties as well as get together. So the brand has designed the stylish and sleek khussas o as to provide a comfort zone to the clients who love to wear such shoes.

For Daily Routine

H&Z has paid toil on all the stuff. They have even made the khussas that are too good in the quality and style. The khussas are also even hand-made and the variety is too good that you may enjoy every color and every design that you demand for.

In the nutshell, to be really pithy I want to make it clear that H&Z collection is a renowned collection. These days there is a trend of khussas so young ladies and particularly the teenagers are carving to purchase a stylish and a good quality khussas. So here you go and enjoy with the great collection of Khussas.

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