People usually find Eid-ul-Azha full of fun and enjoyment. Why?  The first thing that comes to mind is Bakras, the Mandi, and that particular smell. Children enjoy this Eid maximally because they get their new pet friends. They get affiliated with their gorgeous Bakra and boast of in front of friends and society. Before getting their own breakfast they care to go and feed Bakras bought after lots of effort, take them on a walk and some even buy them accessories to wear.

goats for eid

Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Azha  to commemorate the true spirit of the sacrifice made by Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). Muslims all around the world sacrifice goats, cow, sheep and camels. Keeping up with this spirit they divide the meat amongst the poor and needy.

The main difficulty arises in the selection of Bakras. You must have seen your parents or elders saying we’ll get the bakra a night before Eid or saying that the “Bakra Mandi” is far off. They prefer putting in share of a cow as it is tiring to go to the Bakra-Mandi themselves. Those who go to that place take a lot of time making sure if the Bakra is a “donda” or a “kheera” as the sellers call it on the basis of their teeth.

bakra online

Bakra Online

How convenient will it be when you can get your Bakra online? This might feel different or odd or a thought that seem changing the conventional trends. They can be delivered just like any pizza delivery at your doorstep. All you need to do is to make a choice, place an order and the bakra will be delivered at your place. Finding it easier and a good step in saving your precious time, just go for it and get your Bakra online here.


bakra online

You can make the payment depending on your ease. Buying a bakra in this style will excuse one from all the hassle he has to go through at the bakra mandi. Just like the selection of clothes from the Eid catalogues of the designers, one can now choose a Bakra.  Who could have thought buying a bakra this Eid would be so easy? The bakras are being sold on a first come – first serve basis. So hurry up and get hold of your favourite bakra before time runs out.

online bakra