Now a days every one has some hectic and tired routine. In daily life we take shower uses many fragrance products to get freshness, But when it comes to natural beauty it turns the table. To focus in career path and having a successful life you have to be healthy and it is said that a Sound Mind Always in Sound Body.  We can achieve it by taking healthy food but for those people who have long working hours have to suffer from Dark Circles under their eyes.




Here are some Natural Remedies for Removing Dark Circles.

1.Cucumber Juice

Take a Cucumber, Slice it in pieces make its juice. Make the juice according to your wish it could be thick and you can also add some water for the later purpose of drinking it, Any ways you need Cucumber juice and some cotton bugs. Deep the cotton bugs in Cucumber juice and place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes, Then wash it with plain water. It uses for not only lightening the Dark Circles but also for reducing stress.








2.Tomato Juice

Make Tomato Juice with adding few leaves of mint. You can drink it twice in a day. It not only gives refreshing look to your beautiful eyes and also take part as the repairing element for your whole skin.







3.Almond Milk

keep the Almonds in water for a whole night, After it remove its crust and grind it with the little amount of milk. It will looks like a paste kind of material. Spread it around your eyes. Make little message around eyes under dark area. It will lighten your dark areas quickly with repeated practice .








4. Potato Juice

To remove swelling, Puffiness and darkness Potato Juice works very well in this case. All you need is to take Potato with little amount of Cucumber, Mix it and shake it in grinder. It is very effective in eye circle diseases and for lightning the Dark Circle all together.