The world cup frenzy is end with Germans victory. After beating Argentina with 1:0 Germans did a great celebration in Rio De Janeiro. They celebrate their triumph with all the extra ordinary energy. The players celebrate their victory in front of 10 thousand peoples. In a big stadium, they have great musical night enjoy drinking with their families and girlfriends.

But in this mega excitement an unexpected event happened. They damaged the World Cup’s trophy.  German Federation President Wolfgang Niersbach said “A small piece was chipped off during celebration but don’t worry we have specialist who can repair this”.

Germans officers also did investigation but they are off no use. In a whole big crowd of drunken people where thousands of hands laid on the trophy you can’t even caught a glimpse of the culprit. It has also been thought that the damage was done by accident.

The trophy German player has is the replica of the iconic solid gold FIFA trophy. The real trophy which had been raised in the Brazil ground by Germans is of 18 karat Gold and six kg in weight. It is valued more than $10 million.

It is not the first time football trophy has been damaged. In 2002 Schalke’s manager Rudi Assauer dropped the Germans cup from the bus top during celebration.

It would seem wisely – tends not to trust football associations with the trophy after the original World Cup award, the Jules Rimet trophy, had a history of being a target for burgles before being stolen for good in 1983 from Brazil.

Another Rumor is circulating that Rihanna has been spotted holding Trophy. It has been a law that no one can touch the trophy except the winner players or the Head of State.


Whatever happened to the trophy or what the rumors are spreading after some time people remember nothing expect that Germans rule the football world once.