Birth is the beginning. Birthday is the annual anniversary day that a person celebrates. It is the chance to grow one more step in life. It is the window to a new journey to fulfill your desires in life. So,birthday is a memorable occasion in one’s life.

Birthday is a time to enjoy your day with full joys. It is a day to refresh your life. For most people birthday is best enjoyed at the time of childhood. It is an occasion to be thankful that what you have achieved in your life yet. Birthday is a day to recall your life once again and go back to your childhood life when we waited for our special day the whole year. It is the most joyous day for us. If we are to appreciate our success of life, first have to admire the reasons behind that success i.e. Birthday.

It is much more the day than receiving gifts.It is the memorable occasion to celebrate and offer thanks for various blessings. On our birthday we gather with our friends and family and receive their heartiest wishes. At the end of the day we recall our mind that who was the one who made our day so special. Normally birthdays are celebrated with parties and gifts. Something special happens each year on your birthday. Some people make your day so special with a lovely gift. Some friends wish you in a really funny and joyous way that make your day very great.

The best birthday resolution is that we promise to act good during the upcoming year. The practice of wishing the birthday at the exact time is really joyous and memorable time for oneself. It is very important to say thank you to all those  who made it special.

Your birthday is too important to be taken seriously, so enjoy it crazily.