Gowns are loose piece garment that are used to wear mostly by European women and men since Middle Ages. They are loose and long maxi type shirts from bodice to full length. Gowns are full-length woman’s garment consisting of bodice with attached skirts. In 16th and 17th centuries gown was a part of European culture. English women used to wear gowns on formal occasions. In early ages they were consist of piece garment but through 18th century over garment is worn with petticoat and is called as a Robe in French. Gowns are used as a formal dress. They are a sort of heavy maxi or full length dress which can be worn at parties, weddings, religious gatherings etc. Although frocks were also worn in English tradition but they are more casual and light weight than gowns. Gowns has many types like academics gown, bed gowns, evening gowns, night gowns, hospital gowns, tea and wedding gowns, ferocious gowns etc.  Evening gowns are most commonly used on red carpets. They are fancy, smart, embroidered and you can wear it on weddings, parties and other occasions.

In this article we are discussing about Collection of Ferocious & Scary Gowns 2014. Ferocious gowns are somewhat different and classy. These types of clothes are just meant to catch the unstable modes of times. Designers think that women want something aggressive and insistent so they will have to present something unique and wild. These types of gowns are wild and bold. Ferocious gowns are mostly in velvet and in black and dark colors. These gowns are usually seen in scary movies, plays, Halloween, etc. However, on the other side these can be worn to give you a sophisticated and smart look. In movies vampires and many other women wear ferocious gowns to look wild. Women look seductive in ferocious gowns. Ferocious gowns are the need of every era to create a smoky , wild yet sexy flavor to the dress itself. But, it depends on the personality of the women. Physical appearance and body structure also supports this kind of attire.