Pakistan is one of those countries who are considered as  paradise on earth. Its Northern areas are full of natural beauty and has a number of worth for seeing valleys.


Shigar Valley located in Baltistan in the northern area of Pakistan 23-k miles away from Sakardu. A river Shigar is flow over this area. And Shigar valley is independent in many crops  like wheat, maize, apricot, mulberries, peach, apple, pears, palm and nuts.




Leepa Valley

A wide  cool wreathed road  45 kilometers from Muzafarabad, Azad Kashmir,  leading to the most fascinating Valley of Pakistan is the Leepa Valley. Once you visit this place you can’t go back without splendid view shorts. For domestic visit you can go there only in May to November because in winter whole valley remain covered with white snow blanket.




 Rupal Valley

Rupal Valley situated in the southern side of Nanga Parbat. It is the last village of this southern area named as Rupal, which means silvery and shiny, because of Nanga Parbat. Nanga Parbat is also called The Killer Mountain.




 Nagar Valley

It is one of the oldest region which remain independent from 1892. Now it arises as the seventeenth district of Baltistan. This valley is the most pleasant for tourism, weather remains suitable for visit from mid of April to September, 13°C.  And in winters temperature is -14°C.

rushlake Hunza Nagar Valley_



Base camp of Rakaposhi peak @ 7788mtrs Nagar Valley of Pakistan

Soon Valley

Besides of all hard journey and hill climbing path of valleys Pakistan has a very famous valley in the center of its main Province of Punjab, Soon Valley. It has many famous areas in it like Kushab and Noshehra. Climate remains pleasant all over the year. It is not as cold as other valleys are so you will not face any travelling hurdle while visiting.





Pakistan is full of such marvolous and magical Valleys. Here we presents only few, So it is not last but least . Hope you have made you mind for exploring this Pak Land and its splendid Valleys.