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The grace of women can be shown in Hijab. Beauty of manners, body language and real inner confidence are given by Hijab. Some young girls face problem in wearing  Hijab because being new to it, they don’t know how to wear it and they have  lack of practice. But here we are suggesting a lot of  casual ways in which Hijab can be worn .

How to wear Hijab

The way Hijab is worn depends on the stuff you have. You need to know how to grip the Hijab according to the stuff and accessories you have.

how to wear step by step


All you need is practice and then you will come to know  how to carry it and gain confidence from it.

Hijab in Daily Office  



In order to lead your life in Hijab, you need to merge it in your daily life whether you are in market, park or in office.



You need to look sophisticated in office as it will make you more provoking. But you can make your day a bit more stylish if there is any special occasion in office.






Hijab with Casual Party Wear

Entertainment is the part of life, everyone gets bored with the daily routine and you need to be a part of friends and family and that time is called the Party Time. But every party is not of the same kind, sometimes a casual party, like outing,  is called on short time notice then you no need to hurry up in a  dressing with  no heavy accessories. Some parties are arranged on day or in night then you have to dress up according to time and venue mentioned, and wedding events are totally something different.


It’s not only the way how you wear and handle the Hijab but also the compatibility of it with your dress style which your are wearing.





Casual daily Hijab wear

Beside the specific styles of Hijab you need to be sometimes more casual at home and want your self free of style. Hijab in this case can be a part of you free style life in below way .