Educational Dilemma in Pakistan

Educational Dilemma in Pakistan is unquestionably among the most debatable topics till date. Education is a significant subject matter whose importance cannot be denied in today’s fast paced world. It is almost impossible for one to survive in this rapidly changing face of the earth. In such times, Pakistan just like other third world countries fights its way for developing and upgrading the educational sector of Pakistan. Currently, the literacy rate of Pakistan is fifty seven percent according to Economic Survey (2009-2010). Here, one must know that the criterion for literacy measurement has undergone several revisions just to give a better face to it. This lack of consistency is a distressing fact in itself.

Pakistan far behind in Education

A lot of factors are responsible for this bleak state of affairs. The most central of these all is the mindset of the people that reside in this country. Although there are those who realize it being imperative but then there are masses which are devoid of this realization altogether.Where the world has advanced to the next level, Pakistan still fails to provide the very basic right of quality education to its people.

High Women illiteracy in Pakistan

The culture and society create barrier leading to high women illiteracy which is upsetting too. In numerous Pakistani communities, it is thought that women are best when home makers and for such matters education is not needed. Whereas, globally educating and nurturing women is considered very vital in the road map leading to better educational set up.

Literacy Initiative for Empowerment

Education needs grave attention from everyone but most importantly the government. The government has performed the poorest with reference to its apprehensions about education. There exists a dire need that the government now finally starts translating its words into actions. The state of education in Pakistan has worsened irrespective of the efforts being highlighted by responsible authorities for its up gradation. Other than organizations that are working on national level collaboration with international organizations has been done for this matter. UNESCO, a renowned global organization is one such example which is working in Pakistan through Literacy Initiative for Empowerment Program.

Educational Dilemma

Education alone has the power to impact all aspects of human life. For a country like Pakistan which is struggling in almost every area, education can be a source of great relief. All liable authorities must instill in themselves a sense of responsibility for its furtherance to ensure the best for this country and its people.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”