The most favourite occasion of every Muslim, Eid, is on its way. Every single person including women and children gets really excited and do a lot of shopping on this auspicious event. Females seem to be crazier and are found in shopping malls frequently near the Eid days. It does not mean that male members are not enthusiastic about Eid. No doubt they are a little sluggish regarding shopping and stuff, but still they want to celebrate this event with full zest. Most of the boys and men wear Shalwar Kameez or Kurtas on Eid day. To make the job of buying clothes easier, Deepak and Fahad aka DnF have launched a special Eid collection 2013.

shalwar kameez

Deepak and Fahad Eid Collection 2013 for Men:

This special collection includes kurta shalwar solely for men. The stock prepared by DnF is extraordinary with perfect stitching depicting an elegant style. The sleeves, collar and neckline of every kurta is filled up with stylish embroidery portraying a luxurious look. The most interesting part is that the colour collection is amazing. Ferozi, blue, purple, green, orange and other bright colours are in majority with skin and white colours in minority.


These kurtas are perfectly designed for Eid in a traditional and conventional way. These kurtas are comfortable to wear as they are made keeping the scorching sunlight of this season in mind. The biggest news is that they are available in affordable prices. So if you are confused, where to shop this time, without giving a second thought just visit DnF. I am sure you would come out of the outlet with a bag having your Eid’s kurta in it.

eid collection

About DnF:

Deepak and Fahad are the most successful fashion designers in the industry of Pakistan. They launched their brand in 2012 under the name of DnF manufacturing clothes exclusively for men. Their aim is to spread awareness regarding latest fashion and style to the Pakistani people. A number of collections of DnF are already available in the market.

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