The creative art plays an important role in shaping and creating the world. Creative art gives  you the freedom to show your ideas about your imagination. The art is actually image making and perceiving and then shaping a thing into a new creation. We sketch the image in mind and then we put a quality and originality in image.

Creative art is the inner talent of the person. We normally have many old and unused items lying in our homes you can use them and make beautiful things. These things can be used to decorate our house.

If you find some useless thing don’t waste it. You can put a useless item into a wonderful creation. Creative art is all about this stuff.

Plastic Spoon Lamp:

What can you say about plastic spoons. People waste it normally. But have you ever thought of preserving them as, it is so easy to wash them and kill bacteria with hot water. In this world people are so lazy and they don’t know how to use such items and make beautiful things out them. Recycling is a popular term these days and recycling of plastic items especially is a point of interest now days.

So today in just a few simple steps I will explaining how you can put these plastic spoons to use and you can make a beautiful piece of art from it. I will be teaching you how can yo make a plastic spoon lamp.


  • First step is to separate the handles of all the available spoons.

  • Next is that you take a glue and a large sized bottle and then stick spoons on it in a sequence as shown in the image below.

  • Once this step is completed, you will get a beautiful plastic spoon lamp.

  • Insert in it a bulb of your choice and enjoy the light from this beautiful piece of art.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and engage yourself in collecting these plastic spoons and decorate your house with it.