It is the habit of every girl to try to look pretty whenever going for outing or on any occasion.  Today’s girl is quite conscious about being looking pretty among all. So she keeps herself up to date about fashion trends.

Nails are also an important part of your body, giving a good or bad look to your hands. You can groom your nails by any kind of nail art to give a perfect look to your nails and beautify your hands. It will give your hands more elegant look.

Nail Art is actually an art or any creative activity to be applied on nails by design or picture or by applying two shades of nail colour at the same time or decorating your nails by any way.

Different Nail Arts:

1.     Applying Only One Nail Color:

You can apply any single color of your choice on your nails.

single nail colour

2.     Applying Two Nail Colors Simultaneously:

You can apply two nail colors at the same time. These can be applied horizontally, vertically or in some other form.

Apply horizontally:

You can apply one shade on the whole nail and then apply the other shade at the edges/ tips of your nail. Shade on tips of nail can be applied in oval shape or in straight line.

two colour


Apply vertically:

Two nail colors can also be applied on same nail simultaneously in vertical form. Apply one shade on one half of your nail vertically and than the other shade on the other half of your nail.

two colors in verticle

You can also apply this way:

horizontal nail colors

Base with one nail colour following the design with another nail colour:

Apply one nail colour on your nails. Now you can make it to look prettier by:

  • Making dots on this nail colour with another dark nail colour;
  • Applying zigzag lines on this nail colour taking another dark shade of nail colour;
  • Apply second shade on tip of your nail in form of a broad line; or
  • Apply second nail colour in shape of a straight line simply in the middle of your nail.

design nail art

Different nail colours simultaneously:

You can choose different nail colours for your every nail. It also gives an awesome look.

different nail colours

or you can also apply like this:

different color nails with different tips

Make designs on nails applied with different nail colours:

You can make zigzag lines or any other design on different nail colours applied on your nails.

designs for different nail colours

3.     Applying three colours simultaneously:

You can apply three colours simultaneously in following ways:

Tip of nails in three colours:

Apply base coat. Make three horizontal lines with three different colours on tip of your nail. It looks great.

tips with three colours

Whole nail in three colours:

You can apply three different nail colours on your nail making three equal halves of your nail.

three nail colours

or you can also apply three colours this way too:

three nail colours

These are the few ways for decorating your nails with nail colours.

Did you find it interesting? I would like to know your views and comments on it.