Those days are gone when people would be aware of only those products that you wanted them to know about. But now we all are aware of the new trends in marketing; moving from traditional to digital with a continuous evolution going on. People have now more access to information due to rapid development in technology with new innovations.

Before explaining the latest trends of digital media marketing in Pakistan, I would like to define first that what actually digital media marketing is.

Types of Digital Media Marketing

It relates to the promotion and creating awareness of products and services via electronic medium. The different types of digital media marketing include:

  • mobile phones
  • search engine optimization-CPC,PPC
  • email marketing
  • advertising through online banners
  • social media such as Facebook, twitter
  • television
  • radio
  • digital billboard

Digital media marketing trends in Pakistan


James McClure, Head of Emerging Markets, Google South East Asia highlighted that there were immense digital marketing opportunities in Pakistan – and marketing professionals need to change their mindset towards digital to unlock its true potential

In Pakistan with a continuous growth in usage of internet, wide population of audience is going viral and connecting worldwide; youngsters are most of the times seen using internet. Digital marketing is turning the wheels; it has become necessity for most of the organizations.

Websites and social medias are now crowded with loads of information, hence people are now going online. They find information on new products, can get reviews, discuss about the product, and give feedbacks and so on. It also enables one to reach audience, get engaged with them and eventually receive ROI-return on investment.

In near future, marketing on social media will be revolving around video campaigns, blogging, social bookmarks, social networking, photo sharing and forums. These steps have already been taken by numerous countries, but Pakistan still lacks behind. It is sadly stated that most of Pakistani organizations are not taking this opportunity seriously.

It is now of utmost importance that all of the organizations in Pakistan, whether small or large have to keep up with the latest trends in digital media marketing. This will help them out to tackle with their target market more easily and effectively.