What is Gestational Diabetes ?

Gestational diabetes is also known as Gestational Diet Mellitus (GDM). IT is a condition in which a woman during her pregnancy gets diabetes. This diabetics condition has spread all over the world, five percent of all pregnant women have gestational diabetes. As, Its a delicate period for the mother, if she keeps her sugar level under control, she need not worry about her delivery. The level of sugar should be checked entirely to keep the complication away during the delivery period. Blood sugar can be controlled by exercise, medicines and diet. So, here we will discuss the blood sugar control by diet.

What should be diet plan for Gestational Diabetes?

In a minor stage of gestational diabetes, it can be controlled thoroughly  by proper diet. Sometimes,you have to take insulin to bring your blood sugar level under control. But the best way is that your physician should suggest you a good and  healthy which should  be full of vitamins  and nutrients. Here is a image of diet plan  for gestational diabetes.

This is the basic diet plan for gestational diabetes. Now we will explain it by some more images and some text.

Meal 1:

When you get up early in the morning your blood sugar level would be on normal position. So, the full protein and carbohydrates meal like toast will be good.  Take it with a glass of milk or a low calorie yogurt.

Meal 2:

The second meal should be consists of vegetable with wheat bread and small quantity of fruits and cottage cheese will be perfect meal. This will keep you fill until you have your lunch.

Meal 3:

Choose a meal consisting of vegetable salad or pasta or pita bread which are full of protein.

Meal 4:

The fourth meal should be of fruits and vegetable. Vegetable and fruits juices and their snacks make the meal quick, tasty and healthy.

Meal 5:

Roll of stuffed chicken and salad is a complete food. And you can treat yourself with a sugar free cookie.

Meal 6:

When you ave taken your dinner your sugar level will be at the dip point. Take an apple or a grain muffin or some peanut crackers with a cup of milk will be an ideal food as a bed time snack.

This is little effort from us for the gestational diabetes. If mothers do follow this light diet plan they can easily get some rest from diabetes and can give birth their new born baby without any serious complication.