The UEFA Champions League final 2014 started with a bang with both sides doing quite not their best to bag that beautiful trophy may be due to its well known pressure which victimize the players. The hero changed so many times throughout the game. For so long, Godin”s goal in the first 40 minutes seemed set to etch his name in history, especially after his strike against Barcelona in the Liga decider. But then Sergio Ramos stepped up with a header quite literally at the death, to add to his double in the second leg of the semi final. That header equalizer in the extra time saved Real Madrid from a shameful loss.

A 4-1 scoreline is perhaps harsh on Atletico, but Madrid won”t care one bit. They”ve finally completed La Decima. The benches are cleared and everyone associated with Madrid was out on the pitch celebrating, accompanied by throngs of photographers. You have to feel for Atletico, who were literally seconds away from lifting the trophy. Madrid were fitter and faster, and put them to the sword ruthlessly in extra time. Gareth Bale scored the winning goal in the next section of extra time.
Marcelo then made his mark before by taking the score line to the lead of 3-1.

Ronaldo, who had already claimed the record for the most strikes in online casino deutschland a Champions League season, sealed victory with his 17th goal of the campaign. He was given a penalty which he ruthlessly smacked to Courtois” left, who dived the wrong way! Madrid celebrated, and La Decima was only moments away now! Both Ronaldo and Marcelo were booked during exuberant celebrations for their respective goals but never mind that! He charged out onto the pitch to celebrate the almost declared win! The title was theirs now.
So he took his shirt off.

And this concludes another episode of “Cristiano Ronaldo, incredibly good-looking with abs of steel.” I mean just look at those muscles! An act supported by all the right reasons to go shirtless. Who cares for the yellow card when you are the hero.

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