It is obvious that everyone is familiar with the word “socks”. It is a foot wear that is abundantly worn in winters and reluctantly in summers. Actually foot is that type of body part that execrates most amount of sweat form our body. Socks support to absorb all the sweat. During winters socks play a vital role in keeping the feet warm. There are many kinds of socks. Here, only two are described as under:

  • Boot socks
  • Toe socks

Boot Socks

Boot socks are surely a type of socks that can be worn under boots. Boots are like long boots, hill-walking boots, inflection boots, army boots and all other types of stylish boots. Boot socks are of different sizes for kids, youngsters and adults.

Popularity of Boot Socks

These types of socks are usually popular among women. The main reason of this popularity is to look attractive and adorable. First they select fashionable boots then they rush to get “socks”. Some of them are called knee socks which gives dashing look.  Men also go for boot socks but these types of socks are not so fancy and eye capturing.

Toe socks

Toe socks are modern type of socks that are made in such a way that every individual finger is covered just as gloves made for hands. This type of socks is available for men and women in different styles.

Uses of Socks

Socks are used for many purposes such as:

  • For comfort in cold.
  • For graceful and charming look.
  • For absorption of sweat from pores of feet.
  • For protecting form dust.
  • To wear as a fashion statement.

There are different brands dealing with socks. They use good material that increases the demands of brands. But in my opinion brands of socks are so important because fashionable, gorgeous, lovely and adorable socks are available easily in reasonable rate.