A special type of footwear is termed as a BOOT. Ordinary shoes mostly cover foot or ankle, but boots are extended up to the legs or sometimes to a knee. Some boots have heels and some have sole, both can easily be distinguished from each other.


Material of Boots

Mostly boots are made up of leather but now days different materials can be used to give them a modern look. You can see that mostly the material is not so expensive but some pearls, some stones, and some fancy material made them expensive.

When to Wear them?

Long boots can be worn in functions, with miniskirts, with long coats, during rain and during snowfall. Long boots are usually used in abroad and in Pakistan these are not in much demand. In Pakistan people wear them occasionally.


Types & Uses of Boots

  • Boots are designed in a special way using leather, rubber, canvas and such type of material to prevent the entry of water, dust and snow. Waterproof boots are also available for warmth purpose. Most boots in shoes are not waterproof.
  • Boots are worn with socks, to prevent blisters and to absorb sweat.
  • Boot are also designed for sports like riding, skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and sporting in wet or damp conditions.

Fashionable Boots

Fashionable boots include spike heels, platform soles, pointed toes and zipper closures. These are mainly used by women. They were popular in 70s and its popularity finished towards the end of 20th century.


Sandal Boots

Yes sandal boots are also in fashion. These type of boots are particularly worn by women.


Forms of Boots

There are different forms of long boots such as

Sports boots, work boots, equestrian boots, military boots, branded boots and licensed boots.

My Opinion

Boots have always been, and remain as timeless as they are essential in the modern wardrobe. Shop snow boots, ankle boots, shoe boots and many more styles that will help you create a flawless look.