We are all well familiar with brooches and pins. From last year in Pakistan, it has become a trend of using brooches and pins on scarves and hijabs. A brooch is also known as fibula in ancient time. It is used to attach the garments. They are often made of Metal, Silver, Bronze and gold. These brooches are also available in market in antique designs. The value of antique brooches is also influenced by trend. Teenage girls are fond of using brooches and pins for their school scarves and they have a big collection of brooches for their school or college functions and for the parties. Once you’ve determined the value of your collection, choose from a variety of places to purchase the antiques. To give you a final and complete look  brooches are the best way to prepare. It is important and difficult to make a right choice for you in selecting the brooches and pins. So, today we present the fresh Collection of Brooches and Pins 2014 for all our readers. We hope you will like this collection and will buy one of these from your nearest store.

The question is How, Where and When to wear a brooch?

Many people like to attach brooches because they follow the fashion and also to make their dress attractive. Attach brooch to your outfit according to your dress demand. If you do not wear a lot of jewelry and find yourself with matching rings or earings that are not too much heavy, then a brooch could be a solution. There is a great field for experimentation. Put it on a dress, jeans, jacket or wherever you like it the most if don’t like it to wear directly on your body. It looks very beautiful to attach the brooches with the sari over the shoulder and on coats and hats etc.

Here are some images showing some artistic pieces of brooches and pins. Always look for the brooches that complement to your style like flowers, animal and abstract object. And avoid to wear something that you are not comfortable with.