Chinyere is one of those brands which is loved for it’s elegance and high precision of pretty clothes. This brand was established in year 2000 and gained success and acceptance in the market within no time. The main cause is the traditional look given to the dresses with a touch of trendy and stylish dressing code. Whether you want something to wear on casual days or you want something formal enough to wear on weddings and events, Chinyere is an excellent choice to make in all seasons.

Chinyere Eid Collection’13

The brand has launched it’s latest collection for Eid 2013. It is available in stores now. The Chinyere Eid collection ’13 is nothing but amazing sum of dresses that can bring beautiful touch to your wardrobe. Let’s have a look.

Charming Color Schemes

Just like it did in history, Chinyere Eid Collection is full of exquisite color combinations. The bright and bold color schemes are used in the dresses. As neon colors are highly in trend, the colors employed in the collection can be related to the neon shades. This makes the collection quite latest and up-to-date.

More Floral, More Lovely

The divine floral emphasis in all the collection can be witnessed. This gives you nothing less than the delicate and unique  feel of femininity.

Get Royal

One of the most alluring thing of this brand is the royal look it gives to all dresses. Even if you are going for a simple printed dress, you definitely are going to feel special wearing that specific piece. The reason behind this amazing quality if that the dresses are made by keeping the nature of women; that they love to feel special. The classy and rich look is the main cause of the beauty in this Eid Collection.

Pleasing Patterns

The design patterns are radiant and dazzling. The traditional touch is given to each design keeping the trendy look too. This makes the collection an angelic combination. The prints are very pleasing and give you a feeling of happiness. As the color effects the mood of a person, thus this thing is focused basically to provide vibrant and vivid colors in the marvelous patterns or prints and embroidery.

Check Complete Collection

You can visit the Website or the Facebook Page to check all the latest collections. This is definitely a must have collection for this Eid.