Do you know that what type of skin do you have? Today it is very easy to know about your skin type because people have developed a lot of awareness. There are basically three types of skin, normal skin, dry skin, oily skin. Today’s topic will let us know the Characteristics of Oily Skin. After reading this content it will be very easy for you to determine the oily skin. If anyone has oily skin and he/she didn’t know about it then he may face different skin problems in this respect.

The person who has oily skin faces many problems like acne which is the most common of all, also extra oil on skin leads to dark complexion. Oily skin is very common among people who are in their teen age or are under 20’s. Once you are an adult then the oily skin is not a big problem. Such people should avoid the use of all strong beauty products on their face as they may increase the oil problem on their face.

Some Important Characteristics of Oily Skin:

Following are the symptoms through which you can conclude that you have oily skin:

  • Acne in the sensitive area
  • visible pores
  • extra shine or oil on the face
  • black heads and white heads on nose
  • marks after acne




Treatment of Oily Skin:

To overcome oil people use some products that are either home-made or by some well known cosmetic company. They should use gel cleanser and a light moisturizer. Use of scrub can also help to dry the skin from oil. If you use these things you will see it will surely help to reduce the oil.