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Funny Birthday Wishes

Birth is the beginning. Birthday is the annual anniversary day that a person celebrates. It is the chance to grow one more step in life. It is the window to a new journey to fulfill your desires in life. So,birthday is a memorable occasion in one’s life.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

February is celebrated as a month of romance and love. The Valentines day is honored on February 14th. The history of Valentines is still obscure but the origin of this day for the expression of love is not really romance at least not in the sense of tradition. This day dates back its tradition since ancient Romans. It is said that the Valentines day is celebrated in the memory of St.Valentines who was the Roman priest at the time. There was a emperor of the church called Claudius. He prohibited the marriages of young people. He thought that the unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers, as they might be scared about the fact that what would happen to their wives and children after them.Valentines was caught and imprisoned for performing marriage ceremony against the order of emperor Claudius. A man called Asterius was in the line of judgement in the Roman law had a blind daughter. Valentines fell in love with that her, and the story of love began. When Valentines was sentenced he wrote his last words to Asterius’ daughter that said in the end ‘FROM YOUR VALENTINES’.


Valentine’s Day Gifts

We celebrate many days but there is a day which is celebrated by the lovers in all around the world. “Valentines Day”. We are very much familiar with this day. It is a day when lovers meet together and give gifts to each other to express their love. Every one is trying his best to give the gifts to his valentine which become a memorable for his love ones. Though love is not dependent for gifts but it’s a good trend to keep the heart happy. In this article we’ll discuss about the gifts which are mostly given on the valentines day. We should start with the flowers.

Pakistan’s Largest Flag

Around 24,200 students of Pakistan set a new record by making the human national flag and mosaic picture in youth festivals Lahore.

Famous Valleys of Pakistan


Pakistan is one of those countries who are considered as  paradise on earth. Its Northern areas are full of natural beauty and has a number of worth for seeing valleys.

Holocaust Facts and Palestine Conflict

Holocaust (“Sacrifice for fire”) started in 1933 by Hitler and ended in 1945 when Germany was defeated by Allied forces. This issue in history mainly is referred to Nazi’s government who was involved in the plan of the slaughter of Jews by using gas chamber in World War II.

HAARP Technology and Earthquake Wars

HAARP (High Frequency Active Aural Research Program) is a man-made high power ultrasonic wave system which introduced by the researchers to develop an advance radio communication system and improve GPS navigation technology for underground and underwater research work. In the start of this technology it was under the control of CIA and US military. US navy gave the image to the civilians that they were using this technology for submarine communication and mineral (oil, gas) sensing.

The World Muslimah Beauty Contest 2013

In 2010 a women Eka Shanty laid foundation of the world Muslimah organization and beauty contest to give the world an alternative of “Miss World Contest”. She started that organization in Indonesia when she had to give her resign from her job because of her Hijab.

top rich list in arabe

Top 10 Richest Arabs in the World

The 10 rich most Arabs in the world help to grow their country in the economic field. They have achieved success in their profession. Their success is in different types of fields like construction and industries, banking and finance and energy sector. These personalities are honorable for us because someone said:

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