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Samsung launches Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Pakistan

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Samsung launched Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge yesterday in Pakistan. The launch party was hosted in Royal Palm, Lahore. Details of the event and the ceremonial launch are as follows:

Microsoft Windows 10 unveiled

Microsoft Windows 10 unveiled

The new version of Windows was expected to be unveiled by Microsoft. But wait; what’s this, they launched Windows 10. Where’s the Windows 9 then? Well there is no Windows 9. This latest version is a threshold, so it was a time for new blast, new windows with more surprising features so that it empowers people doing vulnerable things with it.

Oppo mobiles all set to conquer Pakistani market


Oppo Mobiles is a Chinese multinational company has launched its flagship device N1 mini throughout Pakistan. The only thing which differentiate it from other brands is its 13 Mp rotating camera. It can rotate about at an angle of 206 degrees and is capable to get locked at any angle. You can rotate the rear camera in front of you to take selfies even in night with the help of LED. It has CMOS image sensor provides highest sensitivity with amazing HDR effects.

iPhone 6 – Features & Specifications

Would you like to have a handset with large beautiful screen, fast processor, sharp camera and long battery time!!!!! Definitely your answer will be yes!!! You are lucky because now Apple’s iPhone 6 is finally here with amazing features like large captivating screen, high resolutions camera, faster 68 bit processor and also super thin design.

Meet the new gadget in town – The Selfie Hairbrush Technology.

If you’ve ever wished that your hair brush would hold your iPhone, then your dream has just become a reality. Technology and beauty is now offered in a perfect combination. Technology has finally figured out how to combine two of the most important activities on Earth. Taking pictures of ourselves and brushing our hair. It is probably the first substantial improvement in brushing technology. With the help of this technology you can save your time  just slide your phone directly into your brush and snap away the moment. You can text mid brush, there’s access to the volume buttons so you can listen to music, and the headphone port is also available.

Now Charge your Phone by Simply ‘SHOUTING’ at it

According to a latest research now you can charge your phone by SHOUTING at it. Really? Yes! A unique gadget which converts sound waves from speech into five volts of energy for your mobile helps to charge your phone through shouting. It usually happens that phone batteries always die at that very moment when you need to make an important call. But shouting at your mobile in frustration seems pointless.

Charji evo usb

PTCL CharJi Evo Packages & Features

In the growing world of technology, Internet connection is getting high attention in these days. As PTCL is the leading company providing internet access and has already launched Evo devices for internet connection. PTCL has excelled in providing internet services by introducing new revolutionary technology.

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