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Pakistan Auto Show – PAPS 2014

On Thursday 6th March 2014 Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef inaugurated the “Pakistan Auto Show-PAPS 2014”. The event was organized by Pakistan Assosiation of Automative Parts and Accessories Manufacturers. Pakistan Association of Automative Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) was established in 1988 and was formally recognized by the Government of Pakistan in 1992. The Association represent the autoparts-manufacturing sector with an estimated industrial base of over 2800 units spread all over Pakistan. The Association’s objectives include safe guarding parts manufacturers interest in the National auto policies and providing other membership services which include, directory printings, Research & Development of auto specific data, management of Pakistan Auto Shows on an annual basis, and the participation in international exhibitions It was a three day exhibition in which various types of vehicles, models and auto parts were displayed at Expo Centre Lahore. All kinds of auto-parts from different dealers and auto parts manufacturers companies displayed their products in this exhibition. Almost 150 international and local exhibitors took part in this event. Sellers exhibited their cars, tractors, buses, antiques, motorcycles, heavy bikes, rickshaws etc. as well as service suppliers, toolmakers and machinery makers. Exhibitors from all over the world like Germany, China, UK, Iran, Bangladesh,Japan, Taiwan, India,Malaysia displayed their products. Event was well organized and well managed at Expo Centre Lahore. Brands like Suzuki, Honda, Millat Group of Companies, Toyota and FAW were the major sponsor partners of PAPS 2014.

Women On Web in Pakistan

Women On Web in Pakistan

Woman on Web (WOW) is a global chain of meetups, training and events. Its main aim is to empower women across the world. This community is a part of Google business group. Its focus is to enhance women entrepreneurs with the help of new technology. This program was started in India and now its branches expanding to Latin America, South East Asia, Sub Saharan countries and the Middle East.

Top 7 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

The concept of Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan is yet a new one but this has been a ladder for growth of the economy of our country from over the last few years. The presence of these enthusiastic Women Entrepreneurs have brought prosperity and welfare for the country. In wake of the massive opposition faced by a variety of stakeholders, pointing at them as an important “untapped source” for economic growth and development didn’t stopped them from working. At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in 2012, women entrepreneurs were called “the way forward”. The rapid growth of the women entrepreneurs in Pakistan has drawn the attention of both the academic and the developing sectors and has helped Pakistan to build a soft image in the international world. Different bodies like Donors, International Public Institutions, National and Local Governments, NGOs, Private Companies, Knowledge Institutes, and Business Associations have initiated programs and policies to promote and develop women’s entrepreneurship in Pakistan. These amazing women have been serving their country very well so they deserve the best protocol from us. We should salute to the Women Power in Pakistan. So to praise their efforts and motivate other, our today’s post will be acknowledging the services of Top 7 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan. I will try to talk about as much as I can so that the world should know about the talent of Pakistani Women.

Get Exciting Discounts Throughout the Year with

Are you are shopaholic??? Do you love roaming in the markets and scanning every bit of item displayed??? Have you missed out any sale??? If these questions relate to your life, then this post will cater you well. Being a buyer or a customer, what attracts you the most is to get the best commodity in least price. I must say that this is though against the law of nature and is not possible. Generally, it has been observed that shopkeepers play different tactics to grasp the attention of their customers. Sale & discounts is one of the oldest and most common way to increase your sales. This not only allows the vendor to sale his items in bulk but also the customers can avail multiple items in reasonable price. But these sales & discount offers are announced on some particular event. But have you ever thought to avail these discounts throughout the year?


Some Largest Economies of the World

The discussion of our topic in this article is not very special today, it is almost the most common question that arise in everyone’s mind that which country has the best economy in the world. Well this is sorted out by the factor of GDP, the market worth of your country’s goods and the services provided by the country in 365 days. The value of gross domestic product is very high and also our markets or international markets based on it. Spending and saving lead to development. So, in today’s topic we will be targeting Some Largest Economies of the World.economy

ragging in colleges

Ragging – A Social Curse

Ragging is systematized form of human rights abuse in educational institutes of South Asia. Ragging is defined by three kinds of abuses Verbal, Physical, Sexual. These abuses are observed in the form of mostly force full acts like dancing, singing, playing, truth or dare, proposing a girl or a boy, some sexual act and various other forms. Ragging is known to us in different names in different parts of the world like Hazing, fagging, Pledging, Horse-playing etc. Ragging is more common in hostels of boys &  girls. Media play a vital role to influence the ragging. In 90‘s private engineering colleges and medicals colleges were established in large numbers. In that period ragging started to show its ugly faces.  ragging in colleges

Brand Consciousness Among People

It is  being  said that Pakistan is a developing country and most of the people are deprived of even the basic and essential needs of life. They do not  have food to eat and the dress to wear. But still our society is very much conscious about brand. They do not have anything important to do instead of dying on this piece of shit.

old drama

Revival of Pakistani Dramas

There was a time when famous Pakistani dramas made people sit in their homes without moving an inch from their place. Pakistani media played a major role in producing the unforgettable and realistic dramas that inspired the generations. Pakistan television started a trend of making classic dramas with the help of awesome writers, power full direction, and multi talented actors. But due to some reasons our drama industry was affected but by the Grace of Almighty got revived. So, today we will be discussing about the Revival of Pakistani Dramas.pakistani dramas

Arrange Marriages in Pakistan

Arrange Marriages in Pakistan is a type of marital union in which bride and groom are selected by the parents and elders of their family. Love marriage and Arrange Marriages In Pakistan is always a topic of debate. Marriages in Pakistan are based on legal relationships of men and women. Arrange marriages are formed by  parents and elders of a family they know their children since your birth so they do arrange marriages and surely it has less weird results than many of others.

morning show

Morning Shows in Pakistan

Golden times were those when we have only one channel PTV.  People waited desperately for their favorite shows that were broadcasted once in a week. At that time one thing that we had was Standard. Standard content was displayed on TV and yes you can enjoy it with your family, with the course of time PTV introduced its morning transmission that was Pakistan’s first morning show. So, today we will discuss the Morning Shows in Pakistan. Morning shows in Pakistan are aggravating their standards  day by day. The basic purpose of this show was information with entertainment and grooming of both kids and their mothers. These shows were intellectual ones and hosted by Mentally Groomed anchors those people knew the ethics and etiquette. Most crucial thing is that they knew that they are broadcasting their selves on a national television.

growth rate

Economic Condition of Pakistan

Pakistan is facing Economic challenges. It shows that our country is in the list of under developed countries. In this article we will discuss about the Economic Condition of Pakistan. In the last budget, the government gained 4.3 per cent economic growth but with gas and load shedding problems they didn’t achieve the targets. So due to lake of experience and knowledge they came in the figure of 2.2 per cent growth which shows almost no growth in the current year. The major problem in Pakistan is increase in population which is directly effecting our economic growth. Of course, due to higher rate of population, we should increase our investments but due to less financial reserves this investment is not possible. The present rate of GDP is around 14 percent which is lower than the developing countries. If we want to increase our investments for getting higher growth we should increase our savings for GDP to at least 20 percent, especially when foreign investments are not involved.growth rate

Collection of Birthday Cards 2014

There are a lot of events that are the part of our life and we celebrate and remember them thoroughly. Birthday is one of the important day in our lives. It is the day on which we came into this world. So, how can we forget it? We expect our friends and family members that they will give us surprise on its celebrations and parties are organized the whole day. Friends and family members come on the birthday parties and give gifts to the birthday boy or girl. The way of expressing love on a birthday for your loved one can be through gifts, blessings and through birthday cards.

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